The brain actually runs on electricity and an assortment of chemicals …


The effort to raise children goes above and beyond anything that would seem difficult in our solo pursuits.

Okay Houston …

I’m thinking, that for the moment, if we must buy plastic, we should keep it where we live, under our beds.

My Melody

If only each of us were blessed to have even that one person to sing our song …

Just Live It

I do not recall if I thought of the imminent arrival of night.
I just played the day as if there would be forever light.


I understood in those first few moments of consciouness …

Sweet Dreams

So no wonder you cannot remember your dreams, because there is nothing to remember.


Benjamin Franklin landed in Philadelphia in 1723 at the age of 17.

Sipping Coffee in Paradise

While sipping coffee in paradise I basked in the warm tropically luscious air. The morning was warm and still. Birds neither sang or fluttered. A few mourning doves, grazed on the grass, poking at this and that. The Sun moved slow, climbing the trees once again to gain full view of the land below. A […]

Outside the Place

I found myself grounded in a way where I felt that I was no longer part of the whole, but an observer of the situation I was in. An observer with a particular purpose at that moment in time. The feeling continued throughout the day as I proceeded to move through situations and actions that […]

His Light

One might perceive that a man would become, explore, plan, and build his home. A mate by his side with intent to always be there for her, gathering wood or this and that. There are examples of this. Look at the birds. In some way, they select a mate and each other. They may frolic […]

The Light of Day

I’m rethinking the modern world. In a broad sense, life has been improved in the areas of food, shelter, education, comfort and our ability to live long lives. Lives that allow us to engage in creative, physical and emotional pleasures. Everyone loves pie, a good story, a job well done, and a relationship that brings […]

The Mall

Our societies should foster collaboration and encourage the celebration of diversity above all things.

a Meal

Not all of us have had this experience… Our day was long and possibly productive. It did not matter really. Each of us knew the other would be soon, in our presence and hungry. Someone would have planned. Hands would have prepared and pondered as food became a meal. A pet may have watched and […]

into One

We need to unconditionally love ourself, first and foremost, so that we are content within ourselves- Once we have achieved this … (not always easy) Intimacy with another is only possible when we unconditionally love the other more than we love ourself. It is within this ultimate giving that the relationship bonds completely and fully […]

Compass Rose

We arrive in this world alone, an individual apart from the rest. As we are cared for in the many different circumstances of today. We grow, we learn and explore all that is around us. Many of us seek beyond that which we cannot see or touch. We look within at the mystery of life […]

A Child’s Day

My walk home through the woods and into the neighborhood, welcomed me as a late afternoon of play and sweat, thrilled my senses.

Night Trimming

I woke, not having had that much time to sleep, but was able to stand and get dressed. It was a work day, that started in the dark before morning. I met up with seven other co-workers, all in similar states of sleep deprivation, but all were smiling, excited and bushy tailed. We geared up, […]

Mystery of Light

I dreamt during the long and plentiful night. People, places … sights and sounds … And as the sun rounded for Her return, the rain came, heavy … full of life and song. The humidity no longer struggled for the sky, but joined in and embraced the waiting plants and creatures below … No longer […]

Listening to Her

I have known many people during my stay. Within me lives a quiet, kind and gentle Soul. She does not speak outwardly that often, but She does, constantly, daily and every minute and second of my life, speak quietly to me. I love Her. My body and mind have played the games of life, of […]

Love is

As humans in a physical form, we are so controlled by the physical aspects of desire and require. There is contentment in the moments, the desire to explore the world we are in and see what is here and what could be. Simple desires, blurred by physical needs. Food and shelter, warmth and rest, to […]


There are times in life when you ride the crest of the wave and all is at it should be, flowing and doing- Then there are times when it crashes down taking you with it or moving on without you. There are always waves and once you decide which one to ride again hold tight […]


The ambiguity of life is but a reflection of our resistance and resilience to survive amidst the relentless demands of the world we live in. When things become clear, you have surrendered to a path which satisfies the needs of yourself or those around you. Only within the moment of ascension to another plane does […]

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