Embrace the Good

I was 8 years to the day, when this photo was taken. I took a photo of it from a magazine and then developed it in my father’s dark room. I placed the photo on my bedroom wall, where it stayed through out my childhood, as I dreamed and imagined how insignificant our world was and yet the great significance of the life that we all feel, that I felt then.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 06.07.08

The following short film describes values that are close to my heart and also my awe of the life I have. The film and the dialogue reminds and enforces within me, how we inhabitants of the earth are capable of anything we put our minds to, and that despite the many hardships and negativity we experience in the world, our life and all life is predominantly good and true.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 06.54.02

The more we embrace the good in all things and love each other fully and without malice in any form, we succeed in whatever comes our way and foster the good for all creatures.

If you take the time to watch this, contemplate your life and how each one of you contribute in a good way to those around you, or as the case may be, those on the other side of this ethereal place.

Photo of children courtesy of The Power of Kindness


One comment on “Embrace the Good”
  1. A lovely post … dare I say, out of this world. – tsk


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