Welcome to In All Our Years … and there are many of them. Contained herein and without sounding like a legal dissertation, is a collection of writings … all of which are true observations of life which have touched my soul-  Each one tells a story … of life, of love, of caring, of kindness. May you find solace and comfort, joy and laughter in my words and in those words your mind speaks to you.

January 12, 2020 ~ Tropical rains are rentlentless- Birds an Rain

Looking to collaborate with Keanu Reeves

Call me +1 (808) 214 0817 ❤

Hold Me

“There was much more to Charles Darwin’s
Galapagos than he could have ever imagined.”
– In All Our Years

Hold Me – eBook  ♥︎  Hold Me – Paperback

Novel is available on Amazon. Click above links.



2 comments on “Welcome”
  1. Eddie Flotte says:

    Hi Oceanbetty, I would love to know who you are, can you let me know?


  2. oceanbetty says:

    Thanks for following me. I am looking forward to exploring your page!


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