Keanu Reeves

As I wrote the book Hold Me, I imagined I would also want to write the screenplay and make it into a movie. As I finished the final edits, I got an inkling of an idea that Keanu Reeves would be perfect for the main character. I have certainly enjoyed his performances in many of his movies where a bit of adventure and romance reside along side a heartfelt exchange of souls.

Having published the book, I’m thinking more about how to contact Keanu Reeves to see if he would be interested in being part of the story. So I think a little more and enlist my friend Google to help me locate his contact information. I find the address of his management company and have Amazon send him the paperback with a gift note:

“I feel Keanu Reeves would resonate with this story and I would like to know if he would consider acting in it. I currently live in Hawaii and would like to see him share it with the world. Thank You, Joseph Mellone (In All Our Years)”

I then go about my day, working and writing, playing with birds in the yard and enjoying nature and all of those things she has to offer us. Of course, a cup of coffee or two finds its way into my schedule as well.

Several days later (and I’m not saying how many is several) I get an email from Keanu Reeves. My email was listed in my book on the copyright page, just in case someone wanted to contact me.

I read the email and he wants to meet me to talk about the book. He liked it. He said he was going to be in Hawaii later in the month and wanted to stop by to visit, and have a coffee together. Hey, if someones wants to have coffee with me, I’m in, no questions asked, just say when and I’m there.

When he arrived, he was driving a motorcycle he had rented at the Harley Davidson dealer in Kahului. He parked on the gravel driveway and we walked around the yard a bit. He was impressed with the gardens and I told him, I was not fully responsible for their beauty and pointed to my friend Stephanie Clifton who was busy tending to some new plantings and who was shy at the moment to meet him.

We sat in the gardens and talked a bit, shared some laughs and conversations of his work and I spoke of mine and how I came to be here on Maui. It was a very nice experience to meet and speak with him. He soon enough had to go but before he left, said he wanted to visit Galapagos before fully committing to making the movie.

We discussed particulars of the travel and agreed to fly out in a couple days. I asked if my friend Stephanie could go and he said sure of course. I said she takes a lot of pictures. He said, Joe, my life is about pictures. We laughed and finalized the plans.

Galapagos was a great experience, lots to see and feel when we were there. We fell in love with the beauty and primitive landscapes. It is truly the cradle of life. Stephanie took many pictures (not saying how many) enjoying every click and the experience along the way. We flew out on different flights home, Keanu to NYC and ourselves back to Maui.

Several weeks past since the trip and then one day Keanu Reeve’s manager called to let me know everyone was interested in doing the book. He then asked what I would want to sign over the book and get into the movies.

I thought for a bit, and the manager interrupted, suggesting I think about it and then call him back. I said, no worries, I’d be glad to let them have the story and rights. All I wanted was to be on the set during filming and have access to coffee and a motorcycle to ride. A small acting role would be fun too and some spending money. A chance to write another story would also be much appreciated.

Done, was the message over the phone and well, the rest will be history.

I’ve tried to connect with Keanu on Twitter, but had realized the account was not real, but a fan account. I’m not sure my next steps to actually make this dream of mine a reality, but I thought to pen a potential future meeting with him and to collaborate our efforts as we pursue our dreams in this wonderful life and world we both share.  I firmly believe that with vision, reality soon follows.

Keanu, If you see this post, give me a call or just stop by. Would love to meet you. 

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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