These stories have been written over the years. Choices made and paths taken have brought me to places I both expected and those that I had no idea would be. The sights and sounds, the air and life, all of it around me, welcoming new experiences, joys and connections to those things both seen and those things we can only feel in the moments of our life.

The Night He Left

I remember the night he left us. It was very cold and you had called to tell me he was having a hard time breathing. I wish I had jumped up and traveled to your door quickly, but I did not. I had spoken with him the morning before when he had sat up and […]

Surfing Life

The tropical fish were very colorful and for the most part, interested only in their daily life, foraging for food and swimming around doing what fish do.

Into the Open

The birds had been awake for some time now, chirping and fussing of this and that.


Benjamin Franklin landed in Philadelphia in 1723 at the age of 17.

The Aloe Vera Garden

The day was absolutely gorgeous, some clouds and sun, an occasional breeze which attempted blow through my totally sweet soaked clothes.


The little critter, paused and hovered, realizing our encounter was not the normal cat and mouse adventure.

The Little Sword

He must have used it, often and with ease, opening a letter or two. I like to think he did.

My Muse

I must have missed her from the very start, the very moment we stepped into the world together…

Keanu Reeves

“I feel Keanu Reeves would resonate with this story and I would like to know if he would consider acting in it. I currently live in Hawaii and would like to see him share it with the world. Thank You, Joseph Mellone (In All Our Years)”

One Star is Still a Star

Our intellect is both our success and failure … emotions flutter and disorganize us throughout our lives. It is in the seeing and knowing and loving of each other in all of our states that is the true love, the true life, we all long to have.

Pressbooks … Publish Everywhere

Everyone has a story to tell. Some may tell their story in conversation. Some may embrace journalism with print or pictures. Some may reflect abstractly in poetry or stream their experience online in a blog or other digital platform. Communication and expression take on many different forms in this day and age. As for me, having […]

Hold Me

Once you have traveled with ghosts, you come to realize that each of our stories connect us in ways beyond our separateness. This story is but one of many that surround us, consume us, and enlighten us each day and every day. The eBook is available and the “paperback novel, the kind the drugstore sells” […]

The Stakeout

The points of the slivered crescent moon looked up into the night as stars in waning conversation, casually looked toward the earth. An odd man, dressed in striped pajamas walked on wet grass below them. He was carrying a large spear, made of Bamboo and an old saw blade and, of course, a hot, creamy […]

Nature’s News

The word news is actually the plural of the word new. News is like alcohol. It may feel good to the mind and body at first, but at some point it becomes heavy and a burden and the sooner it gets processed out of you, the better you will be. Some news can bring us […]

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