The ethereal nature of the word soul and soulmate always intrigued me. I often wondered if my soul was real or just imagined. In the early of my youth, my heart constantly spoke Her mind, suggesting that this person and that person were something more than my eyes could see. In those early years and to this day,  She still speaks to me, encouraging me to reach out and be kind, comfort and help others in ways I am able. My blog channels Her desires as my tagline declares “Practicing love and kindness for all.”

It would be many years, as my youth matured from son, to boy, to man, to lover, to father, and now grandfather, before I would realize the truths of my soul, our souls and if soulmates, do really exist?

As I moved through my life in familiar ways, I discovered certain truths. I connected to others not only with my mind and body, but with the voice of my heart  … and I listened.

She watched over me and waited and when it was time, climbed up on my shoulders, dangled Her feet in the bright of the day, smiled and finally showed me the way and answered my childhood questions.

I sincerely hope that during your life, you find the answers to your questions and perhaps this story will kindle your soul to climb on your shoulders too.

The story titled “Hold Me” is available on Amazon as an eBook and Paperback. If so inspired, give it a read and if you do, may you find meaning in the dreams you pursue.

Feel free to message me anytime, especially if your soul suggests that perhaps, soulmates do really exist, and as I have learned … they really do ❤

Hold Me – eBook ~ Hold Me – Paperback

“There was much more to Charles Darwin’s
Galapagos than he could have ever imagined.”
– In All Our Years


Ankhi original artwork courtesy of Stephanie Clifton
a.k.a. JoyDreamHer of JoyDreaming Life Art Studios ™.



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  1. Sadah says:

    This is wonderful.


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