This page is a bit of a scramble at the moment …. some quotes and thoughts.

Simple Things



Nature ~ Ground

In the pause, we find clarity of direction.

Life’s a game, play fair, have fun.

Find that one thing that moves you like no other and just do it-

There is a sunrise in all of us.

Winter Sun … I love how the angle and direction changes during the year. The sun is further south this time of year and the plants are treated to a different view of shadows and light.

My favorite moment is when my heart beats completely outside of myself for the one I am with.

Sunlight is the source of all love.

In life, there is always the true you, the inner you, who sometimes only you can see, when many are only looking at themselves. I see you.

Change is the result of the risk you pursue.

The sun only sets for those standing still.

In all life, there is only one you, longing to be two.

When your soul speaks, there is only conflict with those who do not listen or understand.

Change is the result of the risk you pursue.

Nature does not hurry toward change, but evolves and thrives in times of stress. We see these stresses and will evolve and thrive as well.

Music is always there and present and connects each of us, together- as one.

Nature exemplifies the harmonious essence of compassion, sharing of resources and cooperation in an every changing society.

Be like the sun, warm and inviting in all that you do.

Do your best in all that life gifts you.

The Sun rose today. Clouds slept in. The air was warm. Birds and I played on earth, and in trees, such fun. Its raining now. The Sun sleeps.

Rain does not come from the sky at all. It is merely returning home after a very heated adventure.

The beauty of her flower is the reflection of the sunlight given to her.

Dreams are our way of sewing together the meanings of our days.

In the morning of our days, our hearts wake and breath and feel and beat- to those things and places and people that we love ❤

In the silence of conversation we truly hear

Only in our silence do we really hear the song of another.

When we find our song, we are home.

Short-term desires undermine long-term necessities.

We are not always able to see, but if we remember to look from other sides the full of the situation beholds us.

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