These writings and posts are directed toward my awareness of the most challenging quagmire ever encountered by civilization, climate change. Have our societies caused the shift from normal to abnormal or is our current climate shift just business as usual for mother earth, and the sparks of life in general?

Pick an Apple

One of the simplest things you can do to reduce climate change and help planet earth is to pick an apple, enjoy the sunlight and energy the plant made for you and then return any remains to the earth. Featured Image Photo Credit

The All of It

Global warming comes to my mind. How do we find our way back to the path of sustainability? We don’t. Our lives are so short that it does not matter in the lengthy scheme of things. The earth is a giant and lumbers in its pace of life. Each of us are seeking the feeling…

The following links are great sources for additional information about climate change, steps that are being taken to mitigate and information that will help us make a difference as individuals.


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