We Nearly Lost Everything

When you really look at our place in space, you see we are all literally living in an amazing and beautiful and quite remarkable little Petri dish. Each of us are tiny in comparison to the world we live in and yet, collectively, we have managed to trash our little dish.

Life is such a precious gift and yet, every day, lives are lost and return to the earth to be recycled in one way or another. I was watching Springsteen on Broadway the other day and Bruce Springsteen was speaking of his friend and long time band mate Clarence Clemons, He said something so profound that I’d like to mention it here.

“Loosing Clarence was like losing ….. rain.”

To have someone so important to you as rain is to the earth, and to remember them in that way is one of the most endearing ways of expressing love for another that I have ever heard.

We so need rain in our lives, in all the ways it appears, loved ones, friends, a smile from someone we don’t even know and of course rain for our earth to allow us maintain our, oh so fragile way of life.

I will always remember Clarence The Big Man, in this way.

The following documentary tells of a story, The Day the Earth Nearly Died. If you’d like to read it, the transcript is here. The documentary is quite remarkable and will explain and make clear, what happened before and what could happen again.

I’m not one to head into the doom and gloom room, but there is such a place and the door is starting to open. I certainly hope we can keep it closed. Time will tell.

In the mean time, reach out to those who are the rain in your life, love them as much as you can and remember that you too could be the rain for others as well.

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