I have several novels on the shelf, some of which are complete and published and others still wanting for more words. Writing is a passion of mine and has been since I was child. Over the years, I have written poetry for myself and numerous documents for corporations, most of which were technical in nature, even though I would try to pen in a bit of prose or humor in a sentence or two.  If I was lucky, those sentences would make the cut in the edit process.

I had the opportunity to ghostwrite, which proved to be most rewarding as I learned of another’s life and helped put their story into print. When my life found way to completely rewire itself, I looked inward to find answers, write about them and found understanding and acceptance of what was and what is. My first self published novel Hold Me, speaks of those times and brought great joy to me in those times of reflection.

If you find the time to check out this story, you may find way to discover your own.

Hold Me – My first novel