Hold Me

Once you have traveled with ghosts, you come to realize that each of our stories connect us in ways beyond our separateness. This story is but one of many that surround us, consume us, and enlighten us each day and every day. The eBook is available and the “paperback novel, the kind the drugstore sells” as Gordon Lightfoot so creatively speaks of in one of his stories is also available now too.


“There was much more to Charles Darwin’s Galapagos than he could have ever imagined.”  – In All Our Years

Novel is available on Amazon.
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Hold Me – eBook ♥︎ Hold Me – Paperback

This story speaks of a place where all souls aspire from and return to; a beautiful and ancient cavern, hidden below the surface, within the boundaries of the Galapagos Archipelago, in a nautical location known to sailors as Peligroso Ola.

The location is unapproachable because of jagged rock formations and spires just below the surface. All that is known of this mysterious place is that a beautiful melody emanates from somewhere below the surface and sailors have respected and accepted this beauty as long as ships have sailed within this part of the sea.

The story follows the lives of those people who harbor the souls of Makani and Kai, throughout their lives of choice and commitment, passion and sacrifice, desires of the flesh and ultimately accomplishment of their souls’ purposes.

It’s a romantic and telling story while also adding a bit of humor and fun along the way where lessons learned throughout the years are best told through the actions of two penguins Rana and Wayte.

Soulmates – This post speaks a bit more about the nature of our souls.


Ankhi original artwork courtesy of Stephanie Clifton
a.k.a. JoyDreamHer of JoyDreaming Life Art Studios ™.


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