The All of It

Global warming comes to my mind. How do we find our way back to the path of sustainability? We don’t. Our lives are so short that it does not matter in the lengthy scheme of things. The earth is a giant and lumbers in its pace of life.

Each of us are seeking the feeling that soothes us, empowers us, allows us to fully feel that which is physical, that which stimulates our mind as our heart beats. Our heart, so personified with soul and feeling and love, that in reality we are merely containers of sunlight, water and soil.

Take a moment and watch a seed grow. There is magic within it. Something we cannot see. A map of what it is. A pine tree, an apple tree, a blueberry bush, a blade of grass.

The seed will be warmed by the sun and genetics will allow it to reach for the light, push up through the soil, like a daffodil in the spring. There is hope and yet, this is all the seed knows. It does not realize the flower it will behold, but it will, soon.

Each day brings more light. Each leaf, green with delight and the most amazing mechanics take the kiss of the sun to pull physical building blocks (carbon) from the atmosphere and turn light into energy. How amazing is this?

And then in time, a specific and limited amount of time for that matter, it matures, blooms, encourages the bees to visit and spreads its seeds beyond its solitary place on this planet, we call earth.

The children move on and the small plant will eventually complete its cycle, yielding to the sun and rain and return every so gently back into the soil- adding just a little bit more to the earth, with the sunlight it thoroughly enjoyed.

Each of us will encounter such a life, and will through, one way or another, find our way back into the earth. Will we know- or realize- if and how our children survived? For a time perhaps, while we were alive, but there is no need beyond what has been and we can only hope that they will in some way succeed as we have.

So yes, global warming comes to mind and the only thing that really matters is to find the best way to embrace the sunlight, in the most humble way so that our children will be and find hope and life within their seed.

There is no room or need for anything that is not the light of life, the joy of living, the longing for seed to enjoy the all of it too.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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