Sipping Coffee in Paradise

While sipping coffee in paradise I basked in the warm tropically luscious air. The morning was warm and still. Birds neither sang or fluttered. A few mourning doves, grazed on the grass, poking at this and that. The Sun moved slow, climbing the trees once again to gain full view of the land below.

A single bird, chirped and looked toward an Occident sky. A blink of light in the distance, caused the doves to pause, caused delay toward my cup, and before the gift of another breath, the all of it gone.

While the threat of the event was real, this time, it was not. Over the many hundreds of year past, many a life have perished on such a day. The wars and conflicts of our species peppered again and again on this earth and over each of us. With no end in sight life will be returned to the earth, where she will sit and sleep- Until one day perhaps, with a chirp of hope she will return. Water will fall. Plants will sprout and breathe. Birds will sing and flutter and if we are fortunate to be and see, a few mourning doves will poke at this and that, on the earth that is our home.

While sipping coffee in paradise, I am reminded how temporary the all of it really is and how there is no time like today to sing and flutter and just breathe.

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