As we have all grown in age and wisdom, I find that there are those who enjoy life or at least appear to and those that imprison themselves with the many responsibilities of it.  Myself, possibly being caught in the latter group, have attempted to free myself from life’s grip through my words, mostly written although sometimes spoken.

In All Our Years was inspired by a mentor of mine I worked along side him in the digital industry.  His name was Paul Clark.  He smiled a lot, was loud at times, but soft in heart and soul.  He would engage all of us to do our best, advise when advice was needed, and be there when we would fall.  Above all, he would witness all of us and in the surroundings he helped build, would be there waiting, working, smiling and enjoying life as it was intended.

He was my mentor.  The title of this collection is dedicated to Paul and those like him, who freely give of them themselves through out their lives, watching and helping with the knowledge they have to better the world for everyone.  How fortunate we all are when we find such a soul.

The poem In All Our Years was written for and read to him at going away luncheon the day he was let go from our corporation.  Afterward and in short order, he proceeded to recite a soliloquy in all its glory, the story of which was a manifesto to both the wrong and the right in what had transpired, but in the end, he smiled, was content and taught us that life is grand and no matter what comes your way, worth every breath.

I welcome all communications, when you are moved to do so.

In All Our Years


9 comments on “About”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank You


  2. What a lovely, thoughtful blog. You are fortunate to have found a mentor to help shape the way you see life.

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  3. worth every breath … it’s how I feel about your kind and loving place – tsk


  4. Rich Wesson says:

    Hello Joe, Great to have met you in the flesh and hope to do so again in the not so distant future. Been thinking of some of the stuff you wrote to me. Will contact you soon as my thoughts gel…


  5. lorriebowden says:

    🙂 Blessings, friend! (and I don’t mean to but in to your blog admin… 😉 😉
    Have a super week!! ❤


  6. Hi Lorrie, Thank you for your kind words. Many times, the feelings just come through me. ❤ Also, I'll check on my blog setup as it has been a while since I administered the flow of things.

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  7. lorriebowden says:

    Ah! I found a place to tell you how much I loved your writing on the sand and sea!! I was taken away…to that place where there is no sound and yet I can hear everything…no sight but I see!! The magical dance you witnessed and shared was TRUTH!!

    I did not see a place to comment directly on that post…maybe it is me…I have a new computer that I am trying to navigate 🙂
    Much love for a peaceful Sunday!!


  8. Thank you “Willy Nilly” … There are times when the combinations of life all click into place and while we are not always aware of this at the time, the opening stays with us, always.

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  9. Willy Nilly says:

    I think this is the best about page I ever read. Your voice here is moving and inspiring to me. I believe your mentor did well by you. Keep speaking, we are listening.


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