Bird and Me in a Tree

I find today that I can stand and walk, look at a wondrous tree full of life blessed by a refreshing breeze, and that when I would want to- climb a welcoming branch and sit along side a little bird and chat and chirp together.

“Hello little bird. What are you doing today?”, and I smile waiting for his reply.

“You’re kind of big and old to be climbing trees?”

I think for a moment, smile back at the little bird and then reply,

“Some might say you are correct and that I should be on the ground, winding down and sitting around, but then we would not be having this conversation would we?”

“Chirp, chirp, well yes I see. Okay I agree, but do me a favor when you’re down and around, go dig up some small patch of ground for me to forage through, okay?”

“Sure, you got it.”, and then I say, “Want to see me fly?”

The little bird does a double take and looks for the wings I do not have and says, “This I gotta see, sure show me.”

I stand and stretch and move out from the security of  trunk and limb. I raise my arms and with legs and bounce, lift and fly into the air, up and up and then, of course down, down, down onto the ground below us.

The little bird looks at me and says, “You’re kind of big and old to be jumping out of trees, but I will say, that was a nice landing.”

I look up and smile at the little bird, as his feet hold fast to the moving branch that moments before, held us both in a moment of conversation and connection, and then he chirps, “Oh and don’t forget about digging that hole for me later, okay buddy?”

Featured Image – Alana Cini

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