Our Large Playpen

Via some obscure cosmic alignment and a chance meeting of two souls, I was gifted with a doorway into this biosphere we affectionately call mother earth. As a being comprised of organic compounds, water, minerals, and the ability to create the spark of life, I began my journey in the arms of my mother and father.


My Parents

Well, actually this may not be entirely true. My energy level and desire to bounce and play and get into things, that parents would frown upon, sentenced me to a large playpen or empty room which limited my manipulation of the environment. There was of course the large outside, fenced in to contain me until I found skills to climb the fence and head out into the world beyond.

In the immortal words of S. E. Hinton, That was then, this is now, and like all of us, we live and learn, grow and change, and discover new things along the way, one of which is that I’ve participated in the manipulation of the environment in a not so desirable way.

This writing and other related posts are directed toward my awareness of the most challenging quagmire ever encountered by civilization, climate change. Have our societies caused the shift from normal to abnormal or is our current climate shift just business as usual for mother earth, and the sparks of life in general?

The science and research is telling as are the physical weather events we are all witnessing and experiencing in these modern times. Do we have time to change our ways? Are we able to upset the infrastructure of our society that is built on top of the hazards of our exploitations? As an optimist, I hope we could do something to reverse the effects and there is certainly hope in the scientific community toward this goal.

This hope remains, but is our survival possible given the time we have? Each of us need to be aware of the problem and take some action toward mitigating the suffering for all to succeed.

David Wallace-Wells has written a book which explains, depicts and summarizes these times of climate change very well. The book is titled The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming. The book is descriptive, concise and wrought with gems of knowledge and events that will center your mind to the tasks at hand. Tasks directed toward helping mother earth and her ability to continue to provide us with a place to live, love and be, which is, after all … our large playpen.

Feature Image … Small organic being … Rockville, MD … Circa 1964


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