Coffee and the Bug

So I wake up fairly early around, well at exactly 2:33. My mind starts to chatter. I write some things in my head and make some notes. Then coffee comes to mind. I start making it.

Its super early so the birds are still sleeping, but when I grind my coffee beans, a bunch of them wake up in the bamboo and start squawking at me. They settled back down after the swirling stopped.

So in my process, the water is already boiled. I turn the burner off. It is a gas burner so I do not need to remove the pot from the stove just yet.  I then look back at the toaster where da muffin is being toasted ….

Oh, its not in the toaster yet, but just sitting in the plate, not even fork split yet! dang!

I quickly split it and place it in the toaster and then go back to my coffee pouring.

I then hear the muffin pop out, but am in the middle of pouring so delay getting back to the muffin. By the time I get to the toaster the muffin has cooled a bit, because fall weather is upon me here … I mean it is like only 19 degrees C in the mornings now.

As I start to butter the muffin, the muffin is no longer warm enough to melt it. Butter melts at 98.6 degrees so I might as well just eat it, but hold off my craving and squish it into the nooks and crannies of the sour dough bread.

And then … I think … Mariana may appreciate this little situation occurring in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

So I’m finally sitting, writing with a buttered muffin in reach and a bug takes a swan dive into my coffee … and dies, sadly. To much caffeine for the little bugger I guess. Oh well, I spoon him out and well … take another sip.

I recently read that ground coffee is entitled to contain a generous portion of bugs, 10% to be precise. You can read all about this here.

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One comment on “Coffee and the Bug”
  1. Mariana says:

    Yes!!! I would…Very much!!! There’s nothing YUMMMMYYEERRRR than a muffin FILLED with butter in thr middle of the Pacific!! Hahahaha!!!


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