Nature in Harmony

Nature is in harmony with the planet …

Even when we try to be in harmony we have difficulty …

… needing to exploit a resource, causing harm and pollution.

It is a difficult situation we are in.

Perhaps in the distant past … thousands of years ago …

… when the early species of man were scratching land for life like other creatures,

… we were in harmony … but something happened.

Something tipped the balance.

Our population grew,

and we developed ways to supply food to ourselves,

as more and more … and more of us arrived.

Until we got into a situation.

Where to just provide food was only possible by exploiting nature …

.. and now myself too am part of this exploitation …

… even in my “trying to be conscious” way …

I ponder how will any of us be able to save the day?

I ponder a future where we become nature and …

… perhaps I hope…

Nature in Harmony

Once again.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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