Lava Flows

I do not believe the earth has a conscious in the way we would perceive one to be.

I have noticed the resilience of nature in the slow of its own accord- as I watched small vine plants, slowly move up and away from their primary roots.  It’s eventual conquest of a larger plant, a tree perhaps. Blocking its light until the tree could no longer survive on its own accord- unable to make food for itself as it becomes the host for the small unconscious slow-moving vine.

Perhaps if the vine had spoken with the tree, asked for its support, it in its quest for light, to thoughtfully live alongside the leaves of the tree, sharing space and light in a harmony that would support them both.

But no, this is not the way of nature, at least in the presence of different species, different plants, all wanting the same … to reach the light, for their own needs.

There is; however, evidence that similar species, do tend to their own. A tree, for example, will grow and reach for the sky next to another tree like itself. It’s canopy blossoming as large as it can be, and yet it leaves space for its neighbor to enjoy the same. Each grows and lives in harmony. Is this the conscious, I unconsciously proclaim in my opening sentence? Or in fact are the two trees simply one after all, with two trunks, two root systems and the multitude of branches and leaves that make them one and the same.

What is the conclusion in all of this?

Are we are just bystanders to the blue planet?

If we do have a conscious, why not use it?

Or perhaps, we don’t either, but just exist in the lava flow of it all.

Photo Credit – Bruce Omori


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