Mosquitoes don’t like wind.

I’m walking across the room and a mosquito practically stops in front of me. It was darting left and right, up and down. I watched for a moment and finally said, “Hey buddy, what’s up?”

The little critter, paused and hovered, realizing our encounter was not the normal cat and mouse adventure, which had the full potential for blood shed- mostly mine, and then  replied.

“There is a storm out there, I’m not looking for juice just yet, just hunkering down for a little bit. Sound like a plan?”

I was surprised at her candor and use of the English language, after all, her brain was not even the size of a pin head- I imagine a few hundred neural networks max. I was impressed.

“Sure no problem, but do me a favor.”, I retorted.

“Sure, tell me?”

“Don’t hide under the toilet seat again, okay? That’s just not playing fair.”

The mosquito, still hovering in front of me, hesitated in her response.

“Only if you start wearing less clothes outside while you work and come say … late afternoon, if you could just sit still for a half hour or so, with your shoes and socks off, that would be just great.”

“Hmmmm…. So you want an easy target, easy pickings for some late afternoon snack. Is this what your asking me to do?”

“Yes, that would be really nice of you. I’ve got lots of eggs to lay and I need you.”

I was touched by her need and while reluctant to give her easy access to my bounty, agreed.

“Well … okay, sure that will be swell.”

And then … in the blink of my eye, I lost sight of her. I could not hear her buzz or swoop, bomb or dive.  She was nowhere to be seen and I called out-

“We have a deal, yeah?”






One comment on “Mosquitoes”
  1. Akarsh Jain says:

    Laughing…… And still laughing. Brilliant stuff.


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