Vanilla Man

So, I’m dealing with people in various walks of life.  I approach them in the ways I am able and from the place where I am from. I can be professional and sincere and relate to many different people. I like to laugh and joke, and many a time, I hold my tongue when a joke or comment is probably not appropriate, but I think it- just the same.

I realized in my dealings that there are certain people, men in particular, that are steadfast in their ways, manners, behavior and this I find to be vanilla in nature. It is rare for a woman to be vanilla in the same way, however, their are those who qualify. I could not; however, write about them in this way, because they do possess the element of surprise. Believe me, there are no vanilla woman.

Perhaps you have encountered a vanilla man too. One that appears to be committed in a particular situation, but reservations hinder movement and forward mobility in some way.

I ponder this and try to understand the why and how of such a state. Perhaps a vanilla man had some event in his life that paused his movement, his initiative in some way that now hinders his progress. Perhaps he was not supported or embraced in his early choices and molded into something he was not to be, but without choice, became.

And now as I put this thought to pen and paper, I wonder why I would even share it? This is my own observation and judgment of energy exchanged and perhaps there is no changing what was, what is … but possibly … what could be.

And of course I could as well be a vanilla man too. My thoughts and actions steadfast, and yet, the element of surprise, a random risk, a chance to experience and make a difference in my life and others … makes me realize … that perhaps I am a chocolate coated vanilla man.

And then there are those Rocky Road folk, but that’s a ponder for another day.

What flavor are you?




Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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