Let What Go, Exactly?

I am not cynical, and hope for the best in all things. Some may say I am naive, and to some extent, wanting for the impossible certainly draws conclusions to such speak. I still; however, hope for life and clear water.

The Untied States Super Bowl advertisements this year (2020) are iconic in that their sheer expense defies the financial capabilities of many a business or entrepreneur. The cost for a 30 second spot during the game is over $5,000,000 US Dollars.

Consider the total add time is about 50 minutes, the cost advertisers paid is $500,000,000 US Dollars. Imagine if advertisers invested that money toward saving the world or feeding the nearly a billion undernourished people. Imagine if the ad spots were to just say how many people would not go hungry, given the support of say Audi, whose advertisement piqued my interest this year, the year climate change took a front seat in our global awareness of what is in store for planet earth.

This Audi advertisement cost over 10 million dollars to run, not including the cost to make it and at first I was inspired by the call to a fully electric vehicle and perhaps the dire ownership of an SUV could be a positive after all.

After watching it, I’m thinking … is it fully electric? Yes it is, so that’s good, but where does the electricity come from. Living on Hawaii, a majority of the electric to power the Audi is from burning diesel-

That is discouraging.

I then proceeded to look up the cost of the Audi e-tron SUV, and it costs nearly $80,000 US Dollars. That’s a lot of money to drive about 200 miles before burning more fossil fuel to charge it back up.


Something certainly does not ad up here when a company appears to be helping us solve climate change, all the while people are barely able to fill their belly with enough food to give them the energy to walk a mile each way for their morning unfiltered, cloudy water they need for the day.

I am not cynical. I just hope for clearer waters in the days to come.

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