Love Thy Nature

As child, I enjoyed the outside. The sunlight, the air, the wind, the sweat on my body while moving through the terrains of fields and forests, mountains and oceans.

I’ve always felt at home outside, comfortable and alive. Growing up in the Northeast of the United States, my body was exposed to the fulness of the four seasons. Spring and summer, just glorious as nature comes to life and blooms. Fall and winter, reflective as she retreats to sleep. Myself, my own body unable to live in the colder climate had to retreat indoors to survive and stay warm. Our bodies are happiest in 22º C (72º F) degree weather. This retreat of mine sometimes bled into spring and summer as well and I lost touch with nature as I grew and sought employment in the cities and buildings, in the boxes many of us live in these days.

This documentary speaks to me and brings to light what I have been pondering for the last several years, having moved to a subtropical climate, a climate closer to the body’s happy state. We need to reconnect with nature daily and with both feet on the ground.

I find it difficult now, to stay inside for any length of time. Nature is so inviting and there is so much to see and to learn of. When I step outside now I feel the presence of the most advanced technology on the planet. Technology which evolved in harmony with the sun and atmosphere to survive.

The documentary touches on all the key factors of our condition in these modern times, from climate change to reasons for being and living and evolving. It also scales down life on earth to one year and surprisingly, we have only been here for one second of that time. This is mind boggling to me. An exponential climb of our species to conquer and exploit the earth is a mathematical anomaly. How could this be possible without some sort of external stimulus?

It speaks of bio mimicking, a way for us to take our advanced knowledge and integrate back into nature fully and to augment the natural process. I question this path, seeing that we have only been here for second and nature for the total duration of life on earth, but we are here now and have made a beautiful mess of things. There are so many of us and we need to figure out an evolutionary path that would sustain along side nature and not destroy it. I pine for this path.

I feel the only way, like the documentary declares, is to love thy nature and protect all living things, to live in harmony and augment the existence of all life and not just our own species.

This is a trailer to the documentary.

If you feel as I do, you may find your path is our path. See you outside.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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