Grateful Day

I woke this morning, grateful for the new day, and I started my vehicle in the usual way. I had a message from a friend and a few things to do, before I could sit and write with my warm cup of brew.

As I read and scrolled through the morning news, I came upon this little prose that caused me to smile, and remember my views.

I researched a bit and found the date, written sometime in March, just as we entered- our current state. The author is anonymous, but suggested this would be something that Dr. Seuss would have written.

The buildings were big
And people would smile
Travel they would
Mile by mile.

But sick they become
And numbers, it grew
Businesses worried
Communities too.

Things stop for a bit
The world slowed its roll
The virus had certainly taken its toll

But what they then saw
From slowing things down
They now had less reason to frown.

Families now gathered
‘What games shall we play?’
‘Pass my the blue crayon’
‘Give mummy the grey.’

‘Daddy is home guys! He’ll read us a book.’
Then all of us together
We might just cook.

The lungs of the planet
Caught a small break
Less travel meant less pollution to make.

People did realise that it will be okay
They don’t need so much to get through the day.

Maybe this virus that caused so much stress
Showed the whole world that more can mean less.

I had the opportunity to visit a museum dedicated to Dr. Seuss. It is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. If you are a fan, I would highly recommend you try and stop by, and take in all the sights that tickle your eye.

I had originally planned to go there because of the motorcycle museum and was pleasantly surprised to see many other museums as well. There is one museum with an absolutely amazing one of a kind art collection.

George Walter Vincent Smith Art Muesum

Featured Image – Visiting my Favorite Dr. Seuss Character


One comment on “Grateful Day”
  1. JoyDreamHer says:

    Happy for your playful way…on this day!!! 🦎


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