A Change A Day

On the eve of January 12, 2020, from a small Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I see a tweet from Greta Thunberg. It was encouraging to see the potential toward a solution to alleviate global warming.

While there has been so much synergy to bring global awareness to our climate crisis, I have not seen major strides toward resolution. I’ve thought to myself …

“If only there could be a change a day toward the solution.”

Even myself, as an individual, armed with knowledge of what causes warming, have yet to make a single significant change this year to help. I certainly have recommendations from a plethora of sources, but my own selfish desires (I like butter, use the Internet, and like cream in my coffee) thwart my effort to stop contributing to the crisis.

As I went to sleep, after reading Greta’s tweet, I had hopes, that perhaps the great continent of Australia, currently the showplace (the fires) for what climate change has in store for us, could do something to help.

Leave the coal in the ground. Limit the greenhouse gases from the most detrimental fossil fuel there is. Just stop the production and export and figure out a way to make electricity with renewables.

This was not the case. Coal is the most valuable export for Austraila and once again, profit and revenue wins over valuing of life on earth.

Short-term desires undermine long-term necessities.

This is a very interesting post about coal, where it came from, how much there is, how much is left and the economic reasons behind very poor short-term decisions not to leave it in the ground.

Carbonized Plant Matter

“I am discouraged.”


Perhaps the consumers of Australian coal should boycott against this decision. Perhaps then, Siemens AG’s decision to mine would be counter productive to their 2020 commitments to supply coal to the world.

Looks like their website has some misleading information.

So what can I do? I am but 1 of nearly 8,000,000,000 people, who unfortunately is one of the collective of United States citizens who contribute nearly 20 tonnes of CO2 each year to the atmosphere, when I really need to be contributing nearly less than 20 times my contribution to limit warming.

The real discouraging part is that the infrastructre of my society starts my contribution with over 8 tonnes a year. In otherwords, even if I just picked apples off a tree for food, while living in Anywhere, USA, my carbon footprint is still over 8 tonnes a year. For the Gen Z generation, assuming they live 80 years, will need to limit their carbon footprint to 2.5 tonnes per year.


My consumption of dairy contributes to climate change. If I boycott butter, I will offset my contribution to the problem. This is a small change considering the change that Seimens could have done, but it is a change and it is a change I can make. It will be my change for today.

I did not use butter on my muffin today.

Some of you may know me and my butter and muffin addictions. I’m talking to you my friend from Santiago de León de Caracas, currently keeping the streets Syracuse in line. I’m probably going to need some encouragement to nix my addiction to butter. Wish me luck!


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One comment on “A Change A Day”
  1. Mariana Mellone says:

    My dear Joey!! No butter?? How about margarine?? Is there margarine wrapped in paper or something not so contaminating as a plastic container? My muffins come in a plastic bag too!!!😱😱😱 … When I see all we are doing to our ONLY home I remember a story a used to read to my kids. It’s called “The Wump World” by Bill Peet. The thing is we don’t have a plantet B to go invade and contaminate as the Pollutians did in that story. ☹


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