If you are reading this, you are fortunate to have access to the Internet and the plethora of information that is available to us. The subject of climate change is one such topic and has been gaining momentum as global weather events affect more and more lives.

While we have known about climate change for decades, it is not until the actual change hits home or comes close to affecting your life in a direct way. There is a massive difference between reading about islands in the south pacific starting to be submerged by rising oceans verses waking up one morning and finding your home flooded with river sludge.

The news and information about climate change is here and more supportive of our environmental situation than it has ever been. This education is critical for each of us to make changes in our lives that will help and make a difference.

What can I do to help?

How can I make a difference?

What am I currently doing that is contributing to the climate crisis?

Active change is difficult. It requires action that requires more work and more personal energy. We all know that solar energy dries our clothes, but is it not easier to move our wet clothes from the washer to the dryer, press a button and come back an hour later to find warm and dry clothes we can wear? Imagine if we had to carry those wet clothes outside to a clothes line, hang up each item for the sun to dry them. What if there was no sun at all? I do; however, remember that smell of fresh sun dried laundry and the exercise and jaunt outside in the sunshine could be a very welcome active change.

Passive change is easier. Imagine if you could change something in your life that required less personal energy, maybe save you money and would make a difference and contribute to solving the climate crisis.

What could that be?

I recently subscribed to newsletter from a fellow climate activist Emily Atkin. She has jumped feet first into the fire, dedicating her skills, time and energy to bringing awareness to the issues. The stories and narrative are full of high energy, have a heated spin, and peppered with comedic tones. Laughing is healing and the added oxygen will help you think clearer.

Her activism can be found on Twitter and her newsletter, very appropriately called Heated. Check it out and sign up.

After reading just a few Heated posts, I learned how big banks fund the use of fossil fuels. Hmmmm… I use a bank, what about mine? I started to investigate and found out that my bank was funding climate change. Check out this link for the largest contributors FossilBanks.org.

Do I want to be part of the problem or solution? The answer was easy and the change to a bank that supports efforts to reduce global warming is a no brainer. Aspiration is one such financial institution that is making a difference. Take a moment and do some research to see if you can make the change too.

Featured Image (Flames and Logo) from Emily Atkin’s Blog Heated.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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