Our Small Planet

January 21, 2020 is just another day for us all. The sun rises successively for each of us on our small planet, spinning in the vast of space and the universe.

We have so much to be grateful for and yet, each day, we make decisions to compromise the very foundation that allows us to live and love and be. We have only be here for a blink of an eye and yet, somehow we’ve made a huge mess of things for all life. How can we right the wrongs that we have done to planet earth or is our destiny, coincident with the closing of the eye that has just blinked?

The following video was posted in 2015. It was relevent then and more so now. There is some very good educational information on climate change and global warming. There are no answers presented, just the facts and the how of what can happen. It may be too late. I have hope that we will survive.

See GreenWorldRising.org for more information.

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