Wind is Mainstream

It is January 17, 2020 and my youngest son turns 31 today. I am thankful that he is doing well and has a family of his own. He has served our country in time of war and is also a heatlh care provider. He has two sons, who are part of the Alpha Generation. My son, his sons and others in these generations and beyond will experience the extremes to come with our climate.

As I reflect on what to do to help, I am encouraged by milestones that are occuring around the globe. This company and the organizations employing the power of the weather, the wind in fact, are making a huge difference and creating solutions for my sons’, my grandsons’ and the all of our childrens’ future.

In 2010

Plans to employ wind were afoot.

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In 2020

Plans are coming to fruition.

Wind is Mainstream
In the last year alone, wind accounted for 44% of all new power installations across Europe – more than any other technology.”

“Wind now covers over 11% of Europe’s electricity demand.”

“By 2030, wind could serve a quarter of the EU’s electricity needs and be the backbone of Europe’s energy system.”

See the Wind Europe website for the latest news.

“I am encouraged.”


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