Fire and Rain

I was woken by the steady winter tropical rain, pouring down on the Hawaiian island of Maui. This rain is actually created by the island’s elevation above sea level and is a constant throughout the year.

The winter rain is heavier as the northern hemisphere cycles through space a little further away from the sun this time of year. The plants and wildlife embrace the moisture and thrive. The people bow their heads as they walk to their cars and do their outside activities, normally drenched in sun and heat.

The rain is essential to all life.

The southern hemisphere has entered the summer months and the rain down under has been less in the last several years. The same rain that is essential to all life. The Australian continent is drier and the plants and wildlife are now stressed by the lack of moisture.

As I read the news of the fires engulfing this great continent, I feel the devastation unfold for the people affected, the plants that are reduced to black carbon and ash. I pine for the birds and small creatures, just trying to survive day to day in what was once a paradise and is now a fire pit of ash, and love ones.

Satin bowerbird of Australia

The following article by Richard Flanagan is a very informative read on these events.

Check out the links in Richard’s article as well.

As I read these articles and watch the news unfold, I surmise the events are a poignant tell of what the northern hemisphere will experience in the year to come.

Society must make changes to survive. There is little time to wait and ponder and watch this all unfold while bowing our heads as we walk to our cars to do this and that.

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