It was a Good Day

While trimming bananas today,
I almost fell off a ladder.
I know the risks, but often tempt gravity.
I had planned ahead and wrapped my arm around the plant.
My center of gravity displaced one of the ladder feet and it did the two step.

I caught myself, twisted my hips and found center again.
The ladder stepped back and all was well.

There are times when we can not or do not,
take the time to plan for such things.
It is in such times that we are caught off guard and fall.
Today was not one of those times.

As I climbed back down, my feet secure in their attachment to each rung,
I slipped again, my body now tired from the efforts. I was okay,
and continued down until the earth was beneath my feet.

I sit again and can reflect.

It was a good day.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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