It’s morning and the sun is still sipping
coffee behind the horizon.
The tops of trees and bamboo,
are the only ones privy to its brilliance.

As I begin a few familiar chores …
feeding the fish in their outside pond,
standing still in the morning air,
moisture wicking into my night clothes,
thinking about how to make coffee-

… my mind stumbles to discover the day of the week.

I relinquish my effort in the quest and realize,
it is today. My mind rushes in with TGIF,
as I think of the delineation
between work and play.

And then I pause-

TGIT … Thank God its Today

Of course … what else matters?

Life is best when alive!

Why wait for some condition to fulfill me?

What else really matters in this moment?

… Coffee would be nice and a Muffin 😉

And then I realize … it’s Tuesday as well.


One comment on “TGIT”
  1. JoyDreamHer says:

    goOd one 👍


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