A Star is Born (2018)

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliot and all others who made this recent installment of the original 1937 film is a visually moving drama of two lives, finding voice with each other and with their audience.

From the very start, pent up emotions from each find way to surface and bubble into our minds; the super successful Jackson Maine (Bradley) trying to maintain his lead in the industry with his vices that mask the pain from his past, Ally’s (Lady Gaga) amazing stage presence and talent sizzling in a night club bar; her father (Andrew Dice Clay) wishing he had made it, holding her back thinking if he didn’t make it, how could she; and Bobby Maine (Sam Elliot) standing behind his brother through it all; all of this, an emotional and moving masterpiece, where we long for love and connection.

The story is truly one that will make you reflect and think and wonder … “Will I ever find such a love?” or perhaps you have and the story centers your connections with those closest to you, or the one you have found yourself with, hoping it will last forever.

The movie plucks all of the right cords, that make life worth while, loving, joyful and hopeful, and reminds us how fragile relationships can be.  I sometimes feel, connections are as fleeting as sunrises … only there for an instant … the rest of the day hoping for the return, knowing clear well, darkness will come.

If you have the time to watch the 2018 film, may you find the hope to dream a while, hope and be hopeful; and that your gifts for yourself and those you love are received and worth the efforts; and that in the end, you would have lived, loved, and found your song in this sometime difficult and yet so very beautiful world of ours.

Always remember that your gifts are yours and that you alone have the power to share them with others.


Always know that when you do, you are worth every moment and that we are blessed to have known you, and if fortunate to have shared space with you.


We are all alone in this world, and yet, sometimes we are fortunate to find ourselves in the arms of another, forever and a day.

Images from A Star is Born film 2018.


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