Shoelaces … OMG

I learned how to tie the laces on my sneakers in a car while traveling some highway in the state of Georgia. I was on a road trip one summer, with my Uncle Troy and Aunt Babs. I am not sure where we were going. I must have known, but don’t remember. I do know that it was a long drive and there was some time on my hands.

I did not know how to tie my shoelaces and trying to keep a hyperactive boy still in a car for the duration may have been trying. They were smart about this situation and once they knew of my cerebral deficiancy, they took the time to show me. I watched and listened.

I tried it and recall that I did it on my first try. I was not quick, but with some practice, say after 50 miles or so I had learned how to tie my shoelaces.

I’ve never forgotten this lesson and until yesterday tied my shoes the same way for over fifty years. I’m still very active, moving this way and that way and without fail, my shoelaces come untied unless I double knot them.

This causes extra work to untie the double knot the next time I have to put my shoes back on. I guess I could untie the double knot when I take them off, but I typically, just pull them off so I can get on to my next shoeless adventure. So my point in all of this, is that I have been double knotting my shoelaces all these years.


I have discovered a new way to tie them with a single knot. I should have known this was possible. I have the Ashley Book of Knots after all, but who takes the time to re-learn tying their shoe laces, I mean with the option to go all in with velcro or a loafer, or a clog for that matter.

Well, I’m telling you! This method is a game changer for me and the sooner you learn it and teach your children this method, the better off you will be.

Featured Image – My boots on an island in the middle of nowhere.


One comment on “Shoelaces … OMG”
  1. Patty Haldas says:

    Cute story, funny.


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