My Makita DP3720

I have this power drill.

It was manufactured by Makita.

I do not fully recall the exact date I bought it. I did research the model (DP3720) and discovered that it was manufactured during the years 1985-1988. My first son was born in February 1987 and I purchased my first home that same year. It was an older home needing some renovation, so I suspect I would have bought it during that time at Home Depot.

My father’s genetics is in me. He had taught me how to build and gave me the curiosity and ability to learn new things. A power drill was an essential tool.

The drill became my right hand man, the tool I would always have with me. I’ve used it on every carpentry related project since 1987 and most recently on the build out of a tree fort here in my home town of Barrington, RI. About three-quarters of the way through the project, my Makita started to sputter. The trigger became intermittent and unable to reliably power the motor. The variable speed drill had been through so many projects, that it was wearing out and finally just gave out.

I loved this drill, but I needed to finish the tree fort project and found myself taking a quick trip to the local hardware store to get another drill. I needed a powered one and not one of those battery drill wannabes. They just don’t have the torque I need.

The hardware store just had one drill. It was larger and more powerful, and would accommodate half-inch bits. I bought it and was able to continue and finish the project. That same day, I went home and looked online for parts to repair my Makita. I found them and ordered them online. It would be over a month and a little 12,000 mile side trip (another story) for me, before they arrived.

When ready, I sat down and replaced the switch and the chuck holder which was also worn. I bought a new chuck as well. The original one was old and the teeth worn. The the small steel dowel that is used to operate the chuck had also broken. I had slipped in a 12 penny nail to get by one day on another project. The white rope prevents me from loosing the small chuck … again.

As a side story, that chuck spent a winter in the dirt in Gorham, ME. I had dropped it one day while finishing a deck project and lost it. In the spring, on one bright Maine sunny day, the earth revealed it to me. I picked it up, cleaned it and have had it every since.

So now, some thirty plus years later, my Makita is purring once again. When I opened it up, it had dirt and dust from over the years, from Maine to Hawaii. I thought to clean the inside but it had not bothered the operation of the drill one bit. I left the dust as a tribute to the places we have been and to the things we have built together.

My Makita is back in good working condition. I’ve recently bought a new tool box for it and as projects come into view, the two of us will be there, building something together.

I have this power drill.

It was manufactured by Makita.


2 comments on “My Makita DP3720”
  1. Joan says:

    Such a great story. I know some of the bits and pieces of what you have written. Your dad is, I’m sure, exceptionally proud of you. You are correct when you say you have those “genetics”. Thanks for writing such a wonderful story.


  2. JoyDreamHer says:

    goOd job!!! 🌟


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