Rhode Island Reds

I wish this was a post about the Rhode Island Red chicken and perhaps one day, I will write about them, but not today. I have recently found my way back to my home state from Hawaii, landing here just as the pandemic started to blossom. I know blossom is not the best choice of words, but it does describe our situation.


As I stand by like so many of us, watching the devastation of life in the wake of this pandemic, I long for it to end and for us to regain our freedoms. For those who have died and for our loved ones left behind, there are no words.

As I have watched the virus ebb and flow in my home state and around the globe, I have asked myself, how can I help? What can one person do? I can employ all practices to prevent getting infected and to prevent the spread. I have educated myself and I continue to come down to the raw fact that there is only one path out of this. It has been proven to work and we have examples of leaders who have made the hard choices.

Rhode Island has yet to figure this out and we are back to the same red place we were in the spring of this year.


I am at a loss of what to do. I can only do what I can to keep from being a vector and to help others, my family and friends to do the same. What we do is our freedom of choice. We are, after all in America and freedom is why we are here, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

As I watch the leaders in Rhode Island, I see a mix of wanting to protect life and preserve the ecomony. It’s a balancing act, a tightrope with similar risks. There is no safety net and we just need to step off the rope, ground ourselves and wait.

I have written the governor once again, to encourage this path.

October 29, 2020

Dear Governor Raimondo,

I have emailed you before about this. There is only one way to control the spread and it has been proven by several leaders. Jacinda Ardern did this in New Zealand.


You can do this for our state and start a ripple for other states to successively remove the virus from our streets, help those infected and stop the spread. There is no other way.

We need a 28 day lockdown before year’s end.


The knowledge is out there, we just need our leaders to take the stand required. Jacinda Ardern took the hard call and succeeded. We need more leaders to do the same.


This is how the SARS global pandemic was stopped.

I sincerely hope you and your staff will do the right thing and make an example for the rest of the nation. The great little state that could … the great big state that contained the virus for her people.

Governor Raimondo, you have the “Super Power” to do this for us.

Joseph Mellone
Barrington, RI

It’s a new day everyone. Stay safe and may you find joy in your moments.

Rhode Island Reds

Featured Image from The Publics Radio


One comment on “Rhode Island Reds”
  1. Vareen says:

    Well said and I totally agree. We have already let it go too far.


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