Nature’s News

The word news is actually the plural of the word new.

News is like alcohol. It may feel good to the mind and body at first, but at some point it becomes heavy and a burden and the sooner it gets processed out of you, the better you will be. Some news can bring us joy, like when we see kindness given to someone in need, or a triumph of someone who really tried to make a difference for themselves or to those around them.

There is; however, the need in the first place which is the negative side of the story, a negative which perhaps could have been avoided and, it needs to be processed out, or more importantly and this is my point, we need to do something to make a change. News without personal change is like rain on a rock, it just wears us away.

I see copious stories of the negative in the world, the politics and corrupt doings for business profit and the exploitation of the earth. Where are the stories of the change to make things better or to heal the earth and her creatures? As I look back over the years and centuries, where is the kindness and triumph in everyday existence?  Where is the balance of man and nature? Has this balance ever existed? Answers to these questions are right in front of us and are found in the most harmonious collection of existence we know- Nature.

The cycle of life and death in nature completely nurtures all living creatures. There is no waste. Air is breathed in and exhaled out, water is absorbed in and excess transpired out. Nutrients of all kinds are shared by all and those whose lives complete, are recycled back into nature. Their bodies, flesh or wood are stores of sunlight, water and earth.

Natures News:

Something happened today. Bryant, the Oak tree who has been with us since when our knoll was barren and wind swept, fell to the earth. The sun light now enters where he stood and his children are there around him and will grow stronger. Sammy the squirrel was; however, completely flattened by the large trunk and as nature would have it, he is now the center of a feast and decomposition celebration.

Continue to seek your light, fetch a drink or two and remember to always sway in the forest of your life.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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