The Mall

The United States should build a mall along the border of Mexico. A place where the diversity of cultures come together for sharing resources, wares, the variety of cuisines and to share stories of each other’s peoples. There should be many wonderful and inviting cafes along the length of the mall where small gathering places are created, perhaps an annex to neighboring towns. The gathering places would become a blend of both cultures, where jobs and employment opportunities exist. The peoples of both countries would not have have to travel as far north or south to find work and a lively hood. A more native integration and collaboration of peoples would flourish and the best of all cultures exposed, would become one harmonious entity.

As with the boundaries of each country, there should be the proper registration and opportunities to enter each others’ country. Boundaries are key, not only at a personal level, but also at a societal level. People who are open to new ideas, grow and are enlightened, but there also must be a check and a balance when one would want to take advantage of another. Such is life in desires of survival. The mall would provide such venues to address the beneficial collaborations and to provide checks to those who are trying to exploit the good nature of both the United States and Mexico.

In today’s speak, to build a wall is archaic and hints at the possibility of invasions of bad elements that must be contained and held at bay. While such yin does exist, there is always yang. We as a society should embrace and encourage the yang of existence and do everything in our power to foster that which will benefit all people in the best way possible.

Our societies should foster collaboration and encourage the celebration of diversity above all things. Our societies should encourage life and the sharing of knowledge and resources to help one another find a place in this world. A place where each and all can call their home.

I would love too see a mall built along the border of Mexico and would be looking forward to sharing a wonderful cup of coffee with those who I would meet, where we would tell a story or two or three even, of our lives in the moments we would share.

Featured image credit from Heart of the City Farmer’s Market.

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