The Light of Day

I’m rethinking the modern world. In a broad sense, life has been improved in the areas of food, shelter, education, comfort and our ability to live long lives. Lives that allow us to engage in creative, physical and emotional pleasures. Everyone loves pie, a good story, a job well done, and a relationship that brings us closer to each other and to being human, and to embrace the mystery of love.

The cost, however seems too great. Climate change, resource depletion, the use of electricity which allows natural rhythms to be disrupted. I am tending toward a thought … that what we have created is not necessarily life, but some artificial layer that absorbs our minds, body and our souls … assuming souls exist.

Nature exists in the purest form of life. It struggles for light and water and nutrients that the earth provides. At the end of the day, nature rests and if by chance, the light returns, she engages once again in what is natural and rhythmic … the music of life.

It is the natural and rhythmic part of life that we have lost with the arrival of the modern world. I am not sure where to go with this thought process, but a change needs to be made. A change to return to nature, not knowing that tomorrow will arrive, but simply being, breathing, feeling and enjoying the light of the day.

It is the light of day … that is life.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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