Moselle Smith Williams

When I look back over the many years of her life-

I see her walking in her gardens- tending the flowers she loved–
“seeing” – the beautiful flower that she was… She touched all of our lives and with the love of god, gave us life- I have very, very- found memories growing up in Moselle’s garden of life-

Moselle lived a wonderful life, sometimes a very hard life, but always a blessed life with help from all of those around her, living, breathing and loving through many seasons of joy.

But when the strongest tree in her garden had fallen, she reluctantly began to wilt, yearning for the stead fast strength he provided, yearning for the love they had shared-

I look around this room- and see the many flowers and trees of her life,  each one of us tending our own gardens– in similar ways, as her life taught us-

And now in this fitting time- the quiet of winter of December– she rests, but it was and always will be, the vibrant and Wonderful Spring of Life where she lived.. where she laughed.. where she cried… where she loved and where she unselfishly gave of herself… to all of us- This is how I will remember her. ❤

Moselle Smith Williams, my Grand Mother or as us young’ns would say Mother-Williams affectionately shortened to Muv in the haste of a child’s spirit– will always be in our hearts- in our lives- and as we tell her stories to our children, she will be in our children’s lives too-

Thank you all- each of you, for your presence here today to reflect on the life that has been taken from us.

And lastly, Courtland, Poppy (her strongest tree)- I know you are with us today in this very church, in this room-

We have a very special Christmas Present for you.

Love her again as she faithfully loved you- and as all of us have truly loved her… Merry Christmas Poppy- Merry Christmas-