I have a younger sister.
We understand each other,
are kind to all things.

We have a name for each other.
I call her Lobo. She calls me Lobo.
There is a reason for this,
which stems from a line in a movie.

“I am Lobo, I need no one.”

It was my doing.
I told her it was a way to deal.
She laughed and we joked about it.
Their is a truth in it, but we do,
need someone at one time or another.

She recently started reading my blog.
She did not know this side of me,
my writing of good things, happy things.
She called them Hallmark,
like those feel good movies on the
Hallmark Channel.

I have been pondering her comment.
She is correct. I try and light the good,
in all things, even when there could be,
a dark undercurrent in the tell.
Hope dies last.

Should I take the dark path sometimes?
How would that serve me in my quest,
to understand a story or thought?

I am somehow blocked from feeling anger.
Anything negative is analyzed for a positive.
If there is a wrong, I will try and make it right.

Darkness begets darkness.
How would one be able to see,
if not for some light, any light?

I’ll ponder her point.
It is valid and a great observation.

I have a younger sister.
We understand each other,
and she helps me understand me.





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