Connecting the Dot’s

My mother told me about an editor who died after getting a COVID-19 Booster shot. I am grateful to still have my mother around to talk too, she will be 84 soon and has not been vaccinated. She has health concerns and the unknown risks of the vaccine warrant her choice not to get the shot. I fully support her decision as I do for all others to or not to be vaccinated.

After we spoke, I looked up the article and found it here.

NY Times Editor Dies of Heart Attack

Carlos Tejada died of a heart attack. I paused in my reflection of his life. A family man, with wife and children, pursing a life he loved. His life now gone. His family missing him.

You’re Missing

I dug deeper into the conjectures for cause and proof. I continue to be dismayed by the lack of someone really speaking out about what happened. It did happen and will again.

The dots I found point to the root cause of his death. While it is difficult to pin down the exact failure point in his body (there is no bullet hole and the person holding the gun is not in view), there is evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines increase your risk of a new ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome).

COVID-19 vaccines increase your risk of a new ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome)

My grandfather died of a heart attack. I never met him. He was the doctor on deck to deliver my twin sister and I. Many of you have family members who have died of heart disease. I pause and think of what each of you have gone through. My heartfelt condolences go out to you.

Heart disease is a pandemic. Cancer is a pandemic. Respiratory disease is a pandemic. Diabetes is a pandemic. All of these require the same urgency as COVID-19. Society does not address them because their danger does not happen overnight and their existence and the hosts (we the people) provide economic value to the not so great foods industry, the medical industry and ultimately the funeral services industry which pulls in over 20 Billion in revenue a year.

Maybe this year will be different . . .

Let’s hope so . . .

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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