Carrots and Embers

One is not safe from the flame until the fire is completely out.

While the vaccination does proposition an end to the pandemic, the underlying cause needs to be fully removed from society. If we lift restrictions before all embers are cold (the virus is completely removed from society) people will continue to spread it. The virus will evolve and mutate and live among the herd forever. It will ebb and flow, cause suffering and take lives, in the same way influenza does.

When Dr. Fauci encourages lifting mask restrictions, he is basically fueling herd immunity, which may or may not be possible. The flu continues to take lives and always will.

CDC lifting of mask restrictions are incentives to get more people vaccinated.

“The underlying reason for the CDC doing this was just based on the evolution of the science,” he said, according to CBS News. “But if in fact this serves as an incentive for people to get vaccinated, all the better. I hope it does actually.”

CDC recommendations compromise the science to incentivize the herd.

“In summary, prevention measures will continue to be important for all people, regardless of vaccination status, especially during this period of vaccine deployment.”

“In summary, relaxing certain prevention measures for fully vaccinated people may be a powerful motivator for vaccination, and thus should be an important goal of the U.S. vaccination program.”

CDC provides incentives for taking the vaccine.

Clear motivators for those who have been vaccinated to return to normal. For those not vaccinated, continue with the pandemic restrictions as usual. Freedom of choice is frowned upon if we don’t join the herd.

It would have only taken 5 weeks, not 5 years or never.

Lockdown would have been far less costly to implement and many lives would have been saved. I continue to be dumfounded by those making the decisions. It is clear that our elected leaders’ ability to make correct decisions are compromised by other agendas.

Featured Image – Carrot

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