Do It All

Our bodies are highly evolved organisms with immune systems that are designed to prevent us from getting infections, becoming ill and dying from a resulting disease.

All of this wash your hands, social distancing and limiting our exposure to viruses could leave our immune system off guard. Of course we need to wash our hands before we use them to prepare food and eat. This is just Basic Hygiene 101. We are taking preventive measures so not to add additional work for our bodies to stave of the possibility of ingesting a harmful substance that will make us ill.

These basic precautions prevent infection and in the case of SARS-CoV-2, prevent transmission and could allow for the eradication of this virus.

The vaccine with its risks of causing adverse health problems and death in some people, is a measure that is designed to limit the number of people who would seek medical help to deal with the COVID-19 disease. It is not known that it will drive down transmission. The small initial trials demonstrated 70-90% efficacy and then through an Emergency Use Authorization, the health system proceeded to test it on everyone else willing to participate in the global trial.

The reason the infections continue to ebb and flow is not because of the lack of vaccinated people. The media pushes this agenda and it is not true. The people who are getting vaccinated have been practicing all other precautions and are afraid of getting the disease. The reason infections continue, is because of the reduction of practicing all other precautions. People who get the vaccine still need to practice all other precautions, lest they will be infected and spread the virus. We need to “Do It All!”

Click on the link below to see Dr. Kerkhove speak about what is needed. “Do It All”, are her words.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove speaks to the reasons most important toward ending the pandemic.

“It’s not vaccine only, it’s vaccine and. We have to continue with the other measures, we have to continue with or physical distancing, avoiding crowded spaces, hand hygiene, mask wearing, improving ventilation. We need consistency in the approach, at national levels, at sub-national levels, across a number of countries. It’s the combination of factors that drives transmission down. What we need right now, globally is laser focus on driving transmission down.”

Without this laser focus, society will not succeed in removing the virus from society. It will be here to stay- forever, and this is exactly what the New York Times predicts and concludes.

There is no end to the spread of the virus. The New York times declares failure to stop the spread, using the words, “The virus is here to stay.”

If we stop taking precautions before the virus is off the streets, society will just assimilate it. This is what has happened with H1N1 flu, H2N2 flu, HIV, SARS-CoV-2. Assimilation did not happen with SARS-CoV-1, because the virus was eradicated in humans. SARS-CoV-2 must be eradicated and the only way to do this is to isolate and quarantine until it has no where to go, no hosts to infect and no vectors (those infected) to spread it. It is the only way to end it.

It can be done.

COVIDZERO Needs To Be Our Goal

Featured Image – Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove

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