Masks Off … Really?

There is no evidence that a vaccinated person does not contract and spread the virus. As long as the virus is in the air we breathe, our body will inhale it, the virus will multiply and our immune systems will have to stand tall and prevent it from causing us severe illness.

The vaccine’s sole purpose is to cause our immune system to create one very specific antibody which will recognize the SARS-CoV-2 antigen. This antibody is our defense against the one virus and if able, will destroy it so that we do not get sick and die from the respiratory infection it causes.

I woke this morning, wondering about the continued rise in cases and how the mask restrictions are being lifted, all because people are being vaccinated. The virus is still on the streets and in unknowing hosts and vectors. The numbers speak for themselves.

There is a steady stream of new cases everyday and the cycle will continue as long as people are out and about, contracting the virus and spreading it. I then asked myself the question.

“How much has the virus cost the United States?”

This link explains the cost quite well, but for those not wanting to delve into the economics verbiage, 16 Trillion Dollars is the short answer.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the $16 Trillion Virus

The United States government could have paid all of us One Million Dollars to stay home, rest and relax and wait for the virus to dissolve in the streets. The total cost of the pandemic would have been less than a billion dollars. The decision not to do this boggles my mind and really makes me think that the powers that be are simply not capable, not willing, or manipulated to make very wrong decisions. These are the people we elected to run our country who ensure that the services society depends on are sound, proper and maintain the health of our nation.

Featured Image Credit – A great article on why masks are still our best defense.

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