Drugs Are Not the Answer

It was brought to my attention that there are many medications that are FDA approved and promoted for our consumption, our health and well being. There are also many side effects to these drugs, so why not take our chances with the COVID-19 vaccine?

Drugs have never been the answer to our health problems. Our health problems are a direct result of the stresses in our environment, the air with breathe, our water sources and the foods we choose to consume.

The respiratory disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 is a drop in the bucket to the real pandemics that global communities should be addressing. Pandemics that are not taken seriously because of their economic value to society; saturated fats, processed foods (salts and sugars in everything), toxic byproducts of the mechanism of current day society, air pollution, lack of clean water.

Humans are stressed by all of these things which cause heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes and many other conditions, all of which are a result of our environment. Drugs are not the answer. They address the effect and not the cause (everything our bodies consume) of the disease.

COVID-19 is caused by a virus our body needs be able to produce an antibody for. If we were healthy and not compromised by the stresses in our lives, some of which we currently accept as good for us, we would naturally gain immunity and move on. Our bodies have and make billions of antibodies for so many antigens allowing us to adapt. The situation with this pandemic is so out of proportion in terms of cost, loss of livelihood and liberties that we all need to question- why does this particular virus warrant a vaccine.

The people most affected by the virus are those already compromised by some other health issue. The real solution to protect these people would have been to pause, stay home and let the virus dissolve with lack of hosts.

The vaccine is just society’s way of saying, let see how we can keep on living in the unconscious way we do and lets see if we can modify our immune system to deal with it, adding a few toxins to the mix which may or may not be a detrimental stress to our bodies.

So yes, there are many FDA approved medications that have a nauseating list of side effects. Those commercials are so prevalent and the cost to run them is enormous, and the lack of a healthy society supports them.

I do understand that we do not want to loose a loved one to heart disease and so their doctor puts them on a cholesterol lowering medicine. Instead of solving the environmental issue causing their disease, the doctor delays their death as the medication (maybe, maybe not) slowly destroys their body.

Heart disease is a pandemic. Cancer is a pandemic. Respiratory disease is a pandemic. Diabetes is a pandemic. All of these require the same urgency as COVID-19. Society does not address them because their danger does not happen overnight and their existence and the hosts (we the people) provide economic value to the not so great foods industry, the medical industry and ultimately funeral services industry which pulls in over 20 Billion in revenue every year.

Food Is the Medicine

We All Have a Choice

Featured Image – Not the Answer

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