PEG 2000

Community pressure and media demands to get vaccinated weighs on me. There are already restrictions in place for those who are not fully vaccinated, hindering my freedoms.

Should I, or should I not participate in this global vaccine trial? Only a small percentage of participants have reported health issues after taking it and only a thousand or two have died after having been vaccinated. Curiously, the medical powers that be, do not correlate these deaths with the vaccine.

So I continue to dig deeper into the contents of the COVID-19 vaccine. The full ingredient list is not public knowledge, but there is some information available, especially when someone reacts to the injection.

Polyethylene glycol 2000, affectionately known as PEG 2000 is one of the ingredients that may cause an adverse reaction. PEG 2000 is in the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Moderna vaccines. This is a great link on the three most popular vaccines and what is known about them.

My internet search landed me on a product description for PEG 2000, just in case I wanted to buy some for my own use, and it is on sale for $195, marked down from $350.

PEG 2000 (On Sale!)

What really surprised me was the product description.

PEG 2000 is a high quality polymer of ethelyne glycol used for research applications only: chemical synthesis, biochemical research, molecular biology research and more. This product is not for human or animal use.

Hmm …. Now this is curious. If the product is not for human use, then why is everyone getting it pumped into their arms?

Featured Image from the Molecular Depot

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