What Vaccine …

The coronavirus pandemic continues to plague the global community. As one story goes, it originated in a wet market in China. Another story claims that it was created in a lab. We don’t really know how this all started, but there is ample evidence that it did start and it has traveled the globe.

We have all watched the story unfold, watched as hospitals filled up to capacity and storage containers were brought into hospital parking lots to store those who died from the disease, their bodies waiting their turn for a proper and reverent burial.

Every single day, since the story broke, the media have spouted statistics and stories of those infected, of how to prevent infection and how the restrictions and lockdowns have destroyed the lively hoods of so many people. The virus continues to rage through communities and there appears to be no end in sight. Something needs to be done.

Even though there is clear and exact evidence that isolation from others would have ended the pandemic, no one wanted a lockdown. Some countries did this and succeeded in removing the virus from their streets.

Greenland acted early (31 cases … 0 deaths).
New Zealand made the tough decision as well (2462 cases … 26 deaths).
The United States did not (30,576,617 cases … 555,945 deaths).

Without the lockdowns, the United States is the leader. Other countries, not willing to employ a proper lockdown allowed the virus to just burn through the weaker of the population, many of whom could not recover from it.

Enter the Need for a Vaccine

The need for a vaccine was brought forth and the opportunity to use it presented itself. The vaccine stems from several years of genetic research and the end result is the injection of an antigen (mRNA) to stimulate an immune response in our bodies that is supposed to protect us from the coronavirus antigen.

The Vaccine is Not FDA Approved

The news does not fully report what is going on. People run with the knowledge that a vaccine exists and we should get it. What is really going on is the vaccine is not a vaccine at all, but an experimental antigen injection that was in trials as a potential means to stop the pandemic.

Because the pandemic was getting worse and there was no end in sight, the vaccine manufacturers sought to seek a means to make the trials larger and this meant to use what is called an Emergency Use Authorization or EUA. We had an emergency and needed to use this experimental treatment.

The FDA reviewed the manufacturer trials data and approved the use of the experimental injection. These are the results which allowed for the EUA. The news is calling this experimental injection a vaccine and people come to believe it is an approved vaccine. It is not approved, but is still being tested and tested on us now. We are all willing and able Guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies. No one knows the long term effects of what is being injected into us.

There are inherent and unknown risks and no one is being fully informed of them. There should be a poster at every vaccine location stating that the vaccine is not FDA approved and listing all the side effects and potential for long term side effects and death. There have been thousands of people who have had adverse side effects to the treatments and the numbers will be evaluated during the trial periods.

Those participating in this global trial should be compensated for testing it.

To summarize, there is no FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine. I do not want to be the subject of the experimental injections. If and when there is an FDA approved vaccine, I may reconsider, but for now, I will continue to social distance, practice good hygiene, go for long nature walks breathing in the fresh air and soak up the lush of the rain and sunshine.

There is not an end to the pandemic until the results of all trials are reviewed. A premature return to normal will cause more infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

If you decide to get the unapproved experimental injection, you will still need to mask and social distance for the next year or more or until the results of the large trials are studied, reviewed and conclusions made to whether it works or not. Will it prevent you from getting sick from the virus? If you get infected after having the injection and your body contracts and deals with it, can you still spread it? How long will your body’s immune system protect you? How do you know it worked if you are not exposed to the virus?

Time will tell.

I do hope the science will succeed and there will be a great outcome for society to protect our species from the many viruses that do harm to us. This news story does present hope for the future of the experimental treatment. Time will tell.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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