Mother and Daughter

A flurry of people were at the beach waiting to see the “Christmas Star”, the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn. The evening was still. The sunset blissfully diffused through late afternoon haze, caused us all to wait and wonder. Would we be able to see through to the nighttime sky? A mother and daughter walked about together, enjoying the moment, huddled close in awe, hope and love of the life they shared.

As I watched them be, I realized the significance of all that a woman, mother and daughter endure, in order for life to even exist at all. Such a precious moment for me to see, far more so than the dance of planets above.

As the sun wandered west and away, they did see the “Christmas Star”. They stood and danced. The end of one day for the child, the mother resolute and true, promising her the chance of tomorrows.


6 comments on “Mother and Daughter”
  1. Phyllis Buckley says:

    such a beautiful observation of amazing Grace.


  2. Anonymous says:

    An absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you.


  3. Pat Grattan says:

    Simply beautiful meditation


  4. Anonymous says:

    Very nicely written……Irene


  5. Maria says:

    Just beautiful!


  6. judith kelley says:

    That’s beautiful


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