Coincidental Conscious and Coffee

Some years ago, I was flying to Europe and had just picked up the book In the Heart of the Sea. I was barely into the first chapter when I look out the window and see the Island of Nantucket, which was, coincidently the initial setting of the novel. I smiled, looked down at the island in its entirety, imagining it those many years ago, and continued reading. It was a great read.

During my morning reading and after some initial caffeination, I find my way to the mining town of Starbo nestled in the Cascades of Mount Rainier. The name of the mining town inspired one of the founders of Starbucks to name the company after the character in the novel Moby Dick.

The author of Moby Dick, Herman Melville, pulled the name Starbuck from one of the founding families of Nantucket. The Starbucks were a prominent whaling family on the island. They gained notoriety due to their discovery of various islands in the Pacific Ocean. Coincidently, I now live on an Island in the Pacific Ocean and on occasion, drink a Starbucks Coffee.

This is all very interesting and fun to know where the name of the coffee company Starbucks came from, but I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. I continue to find myself in, near or around the stomping grounds of my favorite writers, either directly or indirectly while enjoying coffee.

Jack Kerouac from Lowell, MA, my University town. Robert Frost with roots in San Francisco where I worked for a year, and my home states in New England. Earnest Hemingway who had settled in Valencia Spain for a while, a place of business for me.

I grew up in Massachusetts and these authors are also an influence in my life; Henry David Thoreau from Concord, MA; Edgar Allan Poe from Boston, MA. Also Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Portland, ME where I lived and worked for a time. Charles Darwin, famous for his visit to the Galapagos Islands, the setting of a book of mine, Hold Me.

I imagine if I were to pursue these coincidental parallels further to places I have lived or been I would see similarities. Perhaps each of us could find similar parallels to our interests and people from the past, which leads me to believe that through some network of chance or deliberate planning, we continue to explore the world, but more importantly and perhaps, share the conscious we have within us with those who have come and gone.

Sadly, as I reach for another sip of coffee, my cup contains only enough of the water and stimulant left to cling to the side of the cup, as I desperately tip it completely upside down and try to retrieve it. Perhaps a two cup day is on my horizon after all.

I had the opportunity to visit Robery Frost’s farm in New Hampshire.

Featured Image – My photo of Robert Frost’s home in New Hampshire

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