a school day

Circa 1970

School was difficult today. My mind wrestled with remembering dates during a history lesson and I could not wait till it was time for recess. I ran and played among the other children, never stopping long enough to participate, enjoying the time.

Lunch came with pizza and milk and a wax paper cup of fruit.

Math visited in the afternoon and entertained me. The small rectangular manila paper providing a canvas for both numbers and art. My number two pencil dulled by the wind and land which evolved below the equations.

My walk home through the woods and into the neighborhood, welcomed me as my late afternoon of play and sweat, filled my senses. My father would be home. My mother would make dinner. My family would gather and chat and eat and the dog would sit patiently and wonder why there was not a seat at the table for her.

Night would show, the dishes would be done, a box would entertain, homework would get some attention and sleep would arrive as the moon rose to say, it was a good day, goodnight, sweet dreams Joey.


One comment on “a school day”
  1. ELLE says:

    Amazing ability to literally walk me through the narrative you’ve built. Great work!


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